St. Edward School in Lancaster New City

St. Edward School

St. Edward School is a private school established in 2012. Owned and located just a 400-meter walk from the nearest villages right inside Lancaster New City, St. Edward School offers quality education and state-of-the-art facility like Speech Lab that will hone your children’s communication skills and develop facility of the language.

School Campus and Location

  • St. Edward School – the 1st campus is located in Imus part of Lancaster New City near Suntech iPark, Downtown Square and the church.
  • St. Edward Faith Community School – the 2nd campus is located in Gen. Trias Cavite area near Kensington Place Phase 1-3, Somerset Village Phase 1, Manchester Village Phase 1-2. St. Edward School has almost 2,000 Edwardians during SY 2015-2016.
  • St. Edward School – the 3rd campus is located in Gen. Trias Cavite area near Manchester Villages Phase 3-5 and Kensington Place Phase 4,7,16 and 17. Estimated to open next school year 2017, the school is already constructed.
  • St. Edward School – the 4th campus is located also in Gen. Trias area near Somerset Villages Phase 3-8. Construction of this school is ongoing and estimated to open also next school year 2017.
  • Facilities

    The first campus has a line-up of facilities that will ensure the children are equipped with excellent education in a safe and secure environment:
    • Speech Lab
    • Multipurpose Room
    • Computer Lab
    • Computer Hardware Servicing Laboratory
    • Audio-Visual Room
    • Home Economics Lab
    • Science and Technology Laboratories (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and General Science)
    • Kindergarten Playroom
    • School Gymnasium
    • CCTV Cameras strategically placed in different parts of the school building

    • Indeed St. Edward School is one of the top reason why Lancaster New City in Cavite is your best choice when buying your dream house or first-home. No other village or community offers you this kind of facilities.