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You just got married and you’re overwhelmed by the love, happiness and romance that you and your spouse are sharing with each other as you relish the so-called honeymoon stage. You can’t wait to actually spend the rest of your life with the love of your life!

But married life is not just all romance and bliss. There’s reality that you need to deal with together as a couple. After the honeymoon, there are things you need to figure out as you settle down and prepare to face life together. Here are some pieces of advice:

1. Decide to be a team


Since married life won’t be happy and easy all the time, you and your spouse need to settle as early as now how you’re going to work together. You should decide on things, make plans and resolve conflicts as a team.

Communication is vital in teamwork. When you feel like disagreeing with your spouse, you should express your ideas respectfully. Let him or her know that you have concerns and strive to agree on something.

Remember that it’s best to practice openness and transparency in marriage. While this is often easier said than done, there’s nothing wrong with starting to establish such a culture in your relationship as early as now.

2. Talk about money


One of the most important things to discuss as newlyweds is money. Who’s going to handle household finances? Which expenses are the priority and which are not? Should you have a joint bank account? What financial goals should you set for your family? What will be the strategy to build up savings?

Also, when it comes to individual assets, debts and income, it’s best to be honest.

When creating a budget, consider both basic and lifestyle expenses which you should also agree on and work on as a team. You can also follow certain terms for spending like putting a cap on big-ticket purchases while trying to save for a home or a baby.

3. Plan on raising children


While it may sometimes look like it’s going to be a lot of fun having more than five children, reality will show you that you’d also need to make big preparations to take care of quite a big family. So as you settle, you and your spouse should decide on how many children you are going to have and the best time to start having them. Consider your finances and discuss family planning methods with your doctor.

4. Choose a home


It’s ideal for married couples to move out from parents or in-laws and establish your own home. But it needs careful decision-making. You and your spouse will need to consider location, type of home, price and the quality of the community, among others.

As you begin to shop, identify the things you actually need in a home and the ones that you just want. Narrow down your options. Calculate the costs. Check out various communities.

These days, real estate developers are building communities that are not only affordable but also family-centered. One neighborhood that’s known for this is Lancaster New City in Cavite. Dubbed as “The Family-Friendly City,” Lancaster has recently celebrated family life by hosting an event where participants enjoyed a family fun run, weekend market and other activities.

And consistent with these efforts, Lancaster will be sponsoring a mass wedding on July 30, 2016. The event, which they named “May Forever Libreng Kasalan sa Lancaster New City,” will be the avenue for 17 couples to begin their happily ever after as they get married at the community church.

Each couple will be treated to a prenup photoshoot, hair and makeup services, pre-wedding seminar, wedding ceremony favors, wedding cake, bouquets, boutonnieres, arrhae, and wedding reception for ten guests each.

Choose the best home for your family but don’t rush things. Make sure you have enough money to own one and that you and your spouse are one in your decision before actually making an investment.

Lancaster New City is the flagship project of Property Company of Friends (Pro-Friends) which designed Lancaster as a place where families can bond and engage in fun activities. It is also a great location for newly married couples to settle down and grow a family without breaking the bank.

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