Buying Procedure in Lancaster New City - House For Sale Cavite Philippines

Buying Procedure in Lancaster New City Cavite

Buying Procedure

Buying a house at Lancaster New City Cavite is simple and easy. Reservation offices are open Monday to Sunday and very accessible because they are located in convenient places with 24 hours transport services.

Here are the steps:

    1. site inspection
  • Step 1: Site Visit
    Check actual village location and view house models. Decide, then choose which block and lot you want to reserve.

  • 2. reservation
  • Step 2: Reservation
    Fill up form and pay the reservation fee. No payment, no reservation,

  • 3. downpayment
  • Step 3: Down Payment Period
    Pay your 1st down payment 30 days after you reserve. Follow the monthly payment schedule given to you during reservation.

  • 4. loan processing
  • Step 4: Loan Process & Requirements
    Loan will be process during down payment period. So it’s important that all required documents are submitted within 60 days.

  • 5. house inspection
  • Step 5: House Inspection
    After full down downp payment is paid and loan take-out by the bank, you will receive notification for house inspection.

  • 6. move-in
  • Step 6 – House Turn-over & Move-In
    After inspection process, you can now accept the house and bring-in your things and belongings.

Follow-ups and Updates

For Profriends housing projects, you may email Customer Service to ask any of the following:
  • Check your lacking documents or requirements.
  • Wants to change Due Date – can only request once. Admin Fee: Php100.00
  • Wants to change unit or ownership – must change within 120 days from reservation date. Inhouse Financing Transfer Fee: Php3,000.00. Bank Financing Transfer Fee: Php10,000.00
  • Hold Check Request – must submit request 14 working days before due date. Holding Fee: Php100.00
  • Verify Payments or request a payment ledger.
  • You may submit by scan email your ID, cedula & passport.
  • Follow-up status of bank loan application.
  • Wants to know status of house construction.
  • Update on house turnover schedule or move-in date.
  • House Inspection Date or request a Certificate For Inspection (CFI)
  • Other matters you want to know.
  • Always indicate your Unit ID (Block & Lot No. of your house) in all emails sent to Profriends.
  • Accepted Signatories – Only signature / emails of Buyers or their Atty-in-Fact (SPA) are allowed or accepted.
  • Request Approval – Request approval may take 1-2 weeks.
  • Send Us Copy – Please do not forget to send us copy of your email for future references.
Profriends Customer Service Trunk Line: (632) 727-7000

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