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Amenities of Lancaster New City Cavite

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The amenities of Lancaster New City Cavite for its residents are clubhouse, playground, basketball court, swimming pool, church, school and transport hub with shuttle services. Enjoy complete amenities of Lancaster New City Cavite if you live here.

The Leighton Hall

Leighton Hall The Leighton Hall is a 3-storey clubhouse with an outdoor swimming pool of Lancaster New City Cavite located near The Church of the Holy Family. Celebrate memorable occasion like weddings, baptismal, grand reunion, birthdays and get-together at Lancaster New City’s Cavite Leighton Hall clubhouse.

Features of Leighton Hall
  • Buckingham Ballroom – is in third floor of the clubhouse. Makes perfect venue for wedding receptions since it’s just a walk from the chapel. Size is 584 square meters with capacity of 250 persons in (banquet set-up) or 400 persons (theater set-up).
  • Swimming Pool Area – ideal for pool parties with the kids or enjoyable feast with the whole family. it has an area of 406 square meters with 250 person capacity. Features’ include a large pool, a kiddie pool, and separate shower areas for males and females.
  • Leighton Hall Lobby – has a size of 588 square meters with 250-person capacity (banquet set-up) or 400 people (theater set-up). The lobby at the ground floor has a small cafe where you and family can enjoy over a slice of cake or a cup of coffee.
Swimming Pool

Use of Swimming Pool

Entrance Fee . . . . . . Regular Rate (Day Time) 8AM-4PM
Non Swimmers . . . . . . Same as Swimming
(Homeowner & Guests) Regular Rate
Homeowners (Adult & above 3 ft height) . . . . . . P70.00
Homeowners Dependent (3ft height below) . . . . . . P50.00
Guests (Adult & above 3ft height) . . . . . . P100.00
Guests (3ft height below) . . . . . . P70.00

Contact Person: Leighton Hall Admin Assistant
Contact No: 0917-872-8247
Email Adress:

Note: Prices will be subject to change without prior notice.

Important Reminder:
  • All swimmers must wear proper swimming attire, to identify, for:
    1. Ladies: Swimsuits or any swim wear that textile/fabric should not be cotton or colored bleeding water.
    2. Men:Swimming trunks, board shorts or any swim wear that textile/fabric should not be cotton or colored bleeding wear.
  • Colored & Collared T-shirts and Maong& buttoned shorts are strictly not allowed
  • Diving is not allowed in the pool.
  • Outdoor showers are available for showering before swimming
  • Closed on Monday for pool whole day maintenance


    For Swimming Pool inquires and reservations :
    Telephone numbers: 0917-872-8247
    Look for Ms. Charice or Ms. Nicole.

    For Leighton Hall inquires and reservations :
    Telephone numbers: (02) 359-8644 / (046) 424-4721 | 0917-872-8247

    Activity Center
    Lancaster New City Cavite newest venue for grand celebrations,making it a very convenient and accessible destination for a fantastic celebration,it’s a spacious activity center located at Lancaster New City Cavite Alapan II-B,City of Imus,Cavite. Here you can invite and accommodate up to 800 – 1000 guests. Even the rates are just within your reach and even better. It has 24-hour security to ensure safety of our guests.

    Court Rental Fees:
    Court Rental Fees
    • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
    • PCFI-LNC reserve the right to amend guidelines and rates for the benefit and safeguard of the facilities and the Owners.
    • Payment of the said amount shall be made to the Leighton Hall Admin Office on or before the day of the event in full.
    • In case of excess hours, payment shall be made on or before the next working day with official receipt issued to the requesting party.
    Liabilities Cause:
    • The Management and staff of PCFI – LNC shall not be held responsible for any untoward incident resulting to injuries or eventual death that may occur to person or persons using the facilities.
    • He PCFI – LNC Management reserves the right to refuse any individual or group on the use of its facilities.
    • The PCFI – LNC Management shall not be responsible for any valuables lost or damaged during the use of any of the facilities.

    • For Inquiries:
      Property Company Of Friends, Inc. – Lancaster New City Cavite
      GF Administration Office Leighton Hall Country Club
      Property Company Of Friends, Inc.
      Alapan II-B,City Of Imus,Cavite 4103

      The Square

      Lancaster Square The Square at Downtown Lancaster is part of the 25-hectare mixed-use business and Retail Park inside Lancaster New City Cavite. It houses Welcome Supermarket, Lady Christine’s Baby Back Ribs, Bofiya, Ice Cream House, Bean and Butter Cafe, Lots a Pizza, Bayad Center, The Generics Pharmacy, Petformance, Studio KYS, Artista Salon, Fit & Fab Wellness Center, Gabriel Archange Learning Center, Chapter and Pages and many more. Make every day a family bonding day at Lancaster New City Cavite The Square!

      The Square also holds signature events that encourage family bonding such as the Chinese New Year Dragon Dance, Easter Egg Hunt, and the Halloween Costume Contest to name a few.

      St. Edward School

      St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS) St. Edward School is a private school established in 2012 located right inside Lancaster New City Cavite. Your children do not have to travel far just to get an education. No more morning rush, less stress to get to school and more time spent with your family because there will be St. Edward Schools in different parts of Lancaster New City Cavite. Every two years, one school will open just 400-meter walk from the nearest residential areas. Right now, two campuses are open to students:

      School Campus and Location
      1. St. Edward School – the first campus located in Suntech iPark and Downtown Square.
      2. St. Edward Faith Community School – the second campus located near Kensington Place Phase 3 has almost 2,000 Edwardians during SY 2015-2016.
      The first campus has a line-up of facilities that will ensure the children are equipped with excellent education in a safe and secure environment:
      • Speech Lab
      • Multipurpose Room
      • Computer Lab
      • Computer Hardware Servicing Laboratory
      • Audio-Visual Room
      • Home Economics Lab
      • Science and Technology Laboratories (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and General Science)
      • Kindergarten Playroom
      • School Gymnasium
      • CCTV Cameras strategically placed in different parts of the school building

      Features of St. Edward School Facilities
      • Speech Lab – the Speech Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that will hone students’ communication skills. It designed to be highly engaging to develop students’ facility of the language.
      • Mini-Auditorium – this 150-seater mini-auditorium is a facility that will enable the hosting of congregations and assemblies of students and other important activities, coupled with acoustic fixtures, digital sound and video equipment.
      • Computer Laboratory – the Computer Laboratory is an extension of the existing computer lab in the present building. There will now be separate computer labs for the grade school and high school levels.
      • Computer Hardware Servicing Laboratory – the computer Hardware Servicing Laboratory is an extension facility of the computer labs. This will be exclusive for the computer hardware troubleshooting and servicing course offered to the students as an elective course for high school.
      • Cafeteria – the cafeteria spans almost four classrooms and is designed to provide students with a convenient dining hall during breaks and lunch.

      St. Edward Schools contact details:
      Telephone Numbers: (046)423-5821, (02)359-7445
      Email Address:

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